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Photo of Katie Bancroft
Managing Director Talent Inspire Limited
Work Phone: 01625 402118 Website: Website:

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Talent Inspire is a leading provider of wellbeing and bespoke training solutions based in Cheshire with a focus on mental health and wellbeing solutions for the workplace.

We deliver training solutions across many sectors including construction, engineering, hospitality, creative digital and within the NHS and other public sector bodies (including the ambulance, fire and police services).

As the business owner, my expertise is not only within the domain of mental health and HR itself but also across psychometrics, mentoring and training. My passion lies within supporting organisational and employee development thought recognising and improving health; both mentally and physically. The key purpose of Talent, and why it was formed, was to match employer and employee needs with wellbeing initiatives. This is underpinned by a comprehensive understanding of employment law and compliance to empower Managers and employees in, and outside of, the workplace.

Additionally I am a writer for multiple publications around the subject matter of mental health and workplace development and am an experienced speaker and trainer. As an MHFA England national instructor I provide weekly open and in-house (online and in company) courses across all sectors with clients including the NHS / public sector services, Mondelez, Gamma, Imagile Group, Costain, Ansa, Nestle, Datascope, Mission Mars to name a few!


HR Consulting, MHFA, MHFA Master Trainer (train the trainer), business and personal coach, wellbeing consulting.

Categories: Midlands, North East England, North West England, Online and Remote, Strengthening Personal Resilience, The Manager's Role in Resilience
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Photo of Julie Glyn-Jones
Director and Training Consultant SPR Training Company
Work Phone: 07711 296 630 Website: SPR Training Company

Biographical Info

With a diploma in Wellness and Resilience Coaching and 15 years’ experience in training and mentoring, Julie founded SPR to help people become stronger, more confident, in control and satisfied with life and work. A certified master trainer for the strengthening personal resilience programme and a registered nurse, she lives by the motto ‘positivity breeds positivity’.

Our mission at SPR Training Company is to help people:

  • feel empowered to take control
  • find the courage to embrace positive change
  • be inspired to transform their lives
Categories: South West England, Strengthening Personal Resilience, Wales
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Photo of Sue Mansell
Director Entelechy Consultants Ltd.
Work Phone: +44 (0)7976 533 193

Biographical Info

Entelechy, “(from Greek entelecheia), in philosophy, that which realizes or makes actual what is otherwise merely potential”.

I’m passionate about personal development and believe it’s as much (if not more) important to invest in your skills and knowledge as it is in your appearance.Well-being is of paramount importance, as a leader/manager and as an individual, because without a baseline of strength to withstand everyday pressures, when the going gets tough, there are no reserves to help you through. Resilience is a process that can be practised, in order to maintain and improve well-being.With that inner support achieving your potential is enabled.


Coaching, Organisational Development, Training and Facilitation

Categories: London, Midlands, South East England, South West England, Strengthening Personal Resilience, The Manager's Role in Resilience, Wales
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Photo of Jane McNeice
Owner Mind Matters
Home Phone: 07833 470979 Website: Mind Matters

Biographical Info

I am a CIPD HR professional; first degree in Criminology, post graduate in Vocational Rehabilitation. I am a licensed Master Trainer in Strengthening Personal Resilience through The Resilience Training Company, a Mental Health First Aid Instructor qualified in all Adult and Youth MHFA courses, and an ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills) Trainer. My specialism is mental health and employment, in particular vocational rehabilitation.

I have worked in the field of workplace wellbeing for 10 years, managing NHS projects, a social enterprise, and working within third sector infrastructure. The work that I have undertaken has led me to towards a specific interest in mental health and employment. In 2015 I set up my own training company, Mind Matters Training Ltd, following my work in mental health. I am a qualified training instructor, and I deliver a wide range of courses as an Associate Trainer for Mental Health First Aid England CIC, Mindful Employer, and The Growth Company (IIP North).

My philosophy for Mind Matters…

“We want to make a positive difference to people’s mental health and well-being through awareness raising, self-management, and accessing early intervention when it is required. We want to challenge stigma, and get people talking about their mental health like they would their physical health.”

A big motivator behind the work I do is my late brother’s experience of mental ill health and learning disabilities. Part of my work is about raising awareness of Robert’s story, and in particular raising mental health literacy. This is situated within the context of workplace wellbeing, an area I have focussed on particularly in my work at the NHS, training up 50+ Workplace Health Champions, and acknowledged nationally in our project being awarded the Big Society 2012 Award, and reaching the finals of the National Lottery Awards.

Categories: North East England, Strengthening Personal Resilience, United Kingdom
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Photo of Michael Walshe
Director & Advocate growingtalent limited
Work Phone: 07812131601

Biographical Info

I have long been fascinated by relationships and behaviour. Over the years I have qualified to use a wide range of aptitude, psychometric and personality instruments with a range of leading providers. My work in the realms of leadership, teams, change and performance improvement have taken me to over 35 countries for organisations including the Leadership Trust & Informa Telecoms Academy. In 25 years as an executive coach I have worked with a wide range of clients from a diverse background and my focus has been on assisting them to look at ways to reinforce positive behaviours and understand and confront unhelpful habits which serve no
useful purpose. For me, the resilience programmes were the next step in my own development and in  formalising a range of skills that I have practised through my NLP training for several years. I always aim to apply my expertise in a way which is both respectful and yet challenging. I consider resilience to be essential in enabling everyone to have the life they deserve.


Performance Management Systems, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching and Team Building, Conflict Resolution, Psychometric and Behavioural Assessment for Individuals and Teams (including 360 and EQ).

Categories: London, Online and Remote, South East England, South West England, Strengthening Personal Resilience, The Manager's Role in Resilience
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Photo of Rachel Watson
Consultant The Wellbeing Company, Complete Harmony
Work Phone: +44 (0)7746 030 172 Website: The Wellbeing Programme

Biographical Info

Rachel Watson has worked with many of the Sunday Times Top 100 Companies advising on wellbeing programmes. Her clients have also included Barclays Bank PLC, Barnardos, QVC and

Rachel is committed to changing the culture of business in the UK so that people look forward to coming to work and are motivated to contribute their best. She also supports schools and communities to motivate young people to feel confident and achieve their full potential.Passionate about the importance of wellbeing and empowerment, Rachel knows first hand, how this significantly impacts on efficiency, productivity and ultimately profit. She learnt the value of motivated people during her 20-year career at Barclays Bank PLC, when she helped turn around underperforming teams; in one case, in a team of 80 people, reducing headcount by 7% whilst both improving productivity of agents by 40% and decreasing absenteeism from 17% to 5% in 4 months.As a working mother of 4 grown up children, she understands the challenges of juggling life-demands and a rewarding career.

30 years experience within the corporate arena, more than 10 years and over 4,500 hours experience as a coach, 10 years experience as a consultant and trainer, all of which equip Rachel to work incredibly effectively in your business.


Wellbeing Consultant, Executive and Lifestyle Coach, Trainer specialising in wellbeing programmes and the implementation of management training for fast growth companies

Categories: Global, Strengthening Personal Resilience, United Kingdom
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