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The Process of becoming a Certified Master Trainer

Certification Roadmap

The process begins with you enrolling on the programme and completing the licence application form. To be accepted onto the training programme you will need to meet one or more of the following criteria.

  • 2 + years experience in training.
  • A graduate in psychology.
  • A practitioner in HR or Occupational Health.
  • A practitioner with 2+ years training experience in stress management or wellbeing.

Applicants will be required to provide information about their training background, educational attainment and levels of experience. Please note: Formal certification is not guaranteed and is dependent on your performance throughout the course.

Purchase the Strengthening Personal Resilience programme’s licence. This allows you access to all the material and tools required to deliver the programme before attending the workshop.

To prepare for the course and to familiarise you with Professor Mowbray’s work on resilience there will be some pre-course reading to do.

Attend the interactive Train the Trainer workshop.

  • Part 1 of the facilitated course builds your understanding of the psychology theory behind resilience and strengthening personal resilience by experiencing the full workshop for yourself. You complete your own Resilience Assessment Questionnaire and Personal Values Assessment which will provide you with first-hand experience of using the tool and give you personal data to work with during the course.
  • Part 2 is practical assessment, where you become hands-on and build your skills, delivering the programme. You will receive constructive feedback and your delivery will be assessed by the facilitator for certification. The second half of Part 2 provides you with the knowledge on how the programme works in different situations and how to customise it to meet your client’s/company’s specific needs. This is the time when we answer all your questions.
  • By the end of Part 2, you should be confident in your ability to deliver the programme.

Following this, you will receive a written assessment to complete. On successful completion of this you will be awarded a certificate as a Certified Master Trainer and receive a logo for your website/intranet and marketing material.

What delegates say about our train-the-trainer programme

“Excellent all the way through! All questions answered by phone or email and made me feel very reassured that I knew all I needed to know.”

“The Facilitator Guide is ‘fantastic – I’ve seen a few and this is the best I’ve seen so far. The slides and match to workbook make it so easy to use – thank you’.”

“Thank you for everything, the workshop was everything I wanted and much more. The group was really well balanced and we all supported each other and shared our knowledge. It was a pleasure to meet you too, thank you for bringing your energy and enthusiasm – it is infectious.”

“The facilitator pack was superb!”

Case Studies

NHS Trust

The Trust is about to embark on a major reorganisation programme. Staff have been with the Trust their whole career and there is a lot of concern and worry about the impact the changes will have on themselves.

Members of Learning and Development Team have been certified on Strengthening Personal Resilience and the Manager’s Role in Resilience.

Licensed trainers are already feeling the benefits of creating more resilience within their teams. They manage their time better and take responsibility for their own personal wellbeing.

Trainers have begun to roll the personal resilience workshop out to the workforce. It is early days but so far has been very well received, particularly the Psychological Responsibility model, to the extent that every person who has attended a workshop will receive a badge showing the Psychological Responsibility Model.

Global Energy Engineering Company

The company identified a requirement to deliver a global resilience programme. Their global HR Consultant attended our resilience train the trainer programme and the company has now delivered the personal resilience programme in five countries, including Denmark, Germany, USA, India and China, with very positive feedback.

What delegates say about Susan Scott

“I can’t praise Susan highly enough – the delivery on day 1 was excellent and the support and feedback plus advice on day 2 was priceless!”

“I really enjoyed the event and Susan was fabulous, friendly and incredibly knowledgeable. I really liked that Susan stressed the ‘family feel’ to the event and moving forward with The Resilience Training Company.”

“Susan did a great job, was clearly experienced and supported the learning (pack was already 100% effective) with lots of examples and stories.”

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