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Who are these train the trainer resilience programmes for?

These programmes are for all employers and consultants who want to run cost effective resilience training programmes for their workforce and clients.

They include everything you need to deliver powerful and effective workshops in the most cost effective way. The documentation includes slide packs, scripts, and workbooks plus ideas about how to structure your workshops for maximum impact.

The certification process makes it easy for your trainers and consultants to learn the subject and the best way to communicate it to an audience.

These programmes are ideal for in-house and independent HR, OD and OH specialists, trainers and consultants who want to add something valuable and new to their portfolios of workshops and consulting services.

They will benefit themselves and their employers by becoming a Certified Master Trainer of Professor Derek Mowbray’s resilience programmes.

Criteria for acceptance to be a Certified Master Trainer

We’re not going to teach you how to be a trainer. Our expectation is that you already have a good level of knowledge and experience.

To attend this programme you will need to meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • A graduate in psychology.
  • An HR practitioner.
  • A practitioner in Occupational Health.
  • A practitioner with experience in stress management or wellbeing.
  • 2 + years experience in training.

Applicants will be required to provide information about their training background, educational attainment and levels of experience.

The Benefits of becoming a Certified Master Trainer

  • You will be formally licensed and certified.
  • You will have the grounding and knowledge to deliver Professor Mowbray’s globally acclaimed programme.
  • You receive a comprehensive facilitator’s pack containing all the background psychology, workshop instructions, workshop plans for a variety of workshops and slides before the train-the-trainer programme to prepare you for the workshop.
  • You have a variety of workbooks to choose from to support the delivery of your workshops.
  • Your clients/ workforce can have the confidence that you’re skilled in providing this programme.
  • You have access for the term of your licence to related questionnaires – the Resilience Assessment Questionnaire (RAQ40) and the Values Questionnaire.
  • Your name will be promoted on the register of Certified Licensees on The Resilience Training Company Website and you will be able to use a resilience logo on your website/intranet and marketing material.
  • On going email support is available should you have any queries.

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