Train-the-Trainer programmes
for personal and organisational resilience

Ideal for in-house and corporate trainers, consultants, psychologists and independent HR and OH practitioners. We provide you with the training, resources and confidence to deliver Professor Derek Mowbray's powerful resilience workshops to your clients and colleagues.


The Resilience Training Company

The Resilience Training Company, part of Professor Mowbray’s WellBeing and Performance Group, has developed a Train the Trainer programme that will provide you with programme materials and comprehensive training to give you the knowledge and confidence to deliver Professor Mowbray’s workshops to your employees and clients.

Whether you’re an in-house, independent or professional trainer, consultant or psychologist, If you are seeking to add something new to your portfolio of company workshops and consulting services, you can train to become a Certified Master Trainer of Professor Derek Mowbray’s resilience workshops.

Resilience Training Programmes created by
Professor Derek Mowbray

Derek Mowbray is a Chartered Psychologist and Chartered Scientist with CEO experience in public, private and voluntary sectors. His Resilience Training Programmes have been developed and successfully delivered over a number of years to many and varied clients from all sectors, in the UK, Ireland, USA, Europe. Over 3000 people have experienced the programme, and the evaluations have been consistently positive. Professor Mowbray is now offering you the chance to deliver this powerful material.

There are two programmes provided

Strengthening Personal Resilience

The Manager's Role in Resilience

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Strengthening Personal Resilience

Attitude - a key influence on resilience